David Brownlee is the world’s leading customer service coach and one of the most-watched and followed customer service trainers in history.  He has trained over half a million businesses and individuals from around the world. His raving fan clients are growing their businesses, increasing revenues and creating their own raving fan clients.  For these results, David is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to spread his message.  “We can all find fulfillment in business and life through kindness and caring.” – David Brownlee 
David is a best-selling author and award-winning online trainer. He is the star and executive producer of the #1 YouTube Show, The Pure Customer Service Master Class. He is one of the most requested customer service speakers in the country and his live seminar events continue to sell out to audiences from around the world. 
He is the CEO and Founder of Pure Customer Service and The Brownlee Group.  He is the author of Rock Star Customer Service and is a former Business Results Coach for Tony Robbins.  David is considered one of the leading experts in customer service training and business training products.  

Helping others achieve their goals and dreams is David’s passion and mission in life.  He believes in finding fulfillment and success through kindness and caring. 

Over the years David has coached and trained thousands of people around the world.  He has taught over half a million fans through his live events and multimedia products.  He has also started and sold several companies.  His past clients include Fortune 500 clients such as McDonalds, American Express, Microsoft, Nike and others.  He has worked with major Hollywood Studios such as Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, Universal and MGM.   His celebrity clients have included Danny DeVito, Denzel Washington and more.

David holds the title of the biggest winner in the history of the Hollywood Squares Game Show and has been featured on the hit TV show, House Hunters International.  He has been quoted in Time Magazine and People on various topics and has contributed to Wedding Planner Magazine and others.  David has also been featured on ESPN Radio and local news stations. 

David’s passion for helping others led him to co-found a charity to help build schools for children in Kenya and El Salvador. 

He is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. 
 “Life is an adventure – live it up!”  David Brownlee